Blumenwiese (Foto: Diane Scherzler)

Diane Scherzler



Photo: Robert Bosch Stiftung/Birgitta KowskyProject Management and Journalism
Diane Scherzler is project manager in the radio department of Suedwestrundfunk (SWR), a major German Public Broadcasting Company.

Before that she worked for ten years as editor and author of journalistic contributions. The trained archaeologist regularly wrote about scientific topics as well as about cultural events. Occasionally she also worked for the radio programme SWR2. Diane gained experience with television when working for the digital channel EinsPlus (ARD). Furthermore, since 2008 she regularly teaches Suedwestrundfunk's trainees during courses that are lasting several weeks.

As project manager - e. g. for the department of strategic corporate development - she planned and realized, amongst others, web reports. She develops websites and governs complex processes and projects as, e. g., a more efficient application of databases and the development of crossmedia working structures.

She initiated "Forschung zu Gast im SWR" ("Research Visiting SWR"), a project that connects scientists and journalists. The first event took place in Tübingen in May 2012: Medical practicioners of the University Hospital & the Faculty of Medicine and journalists of SWR - one of Germany's major public broadcasters - were discussiong about quality in science coverage and the needs of journalism.

Diane Scherzler has several years of experience with public
relations work. For the several orchestras of SWR she developed marketing concepts and established co-operations with local institutions in the years 1997 to 2000. She editorially guided a magazine and several other major print products.

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Preservation
As honorary post Diane serves as chairperson of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (German Society for Pre- and Protohistory), DGUF, since June 2011. DGUF is Germany's largest association active in the field of prehistory and the early historical period. In spring 2012 she managed the comprehensive relaunch of Diane Scherzler edits DGUF's monthly newsletter, an archaeology-related publication of very wide-range in the German speaking countries. From 2011 until 2014 Diane served as vice chairperson of DGUF.

From 1985 till 1996 Diane participated each summer for several months in archaeological excavations in Southern Germany and Eastern Westphalia. She was employed at the State Office for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments as draftsman and as collegiate director of excavations.

In her master's thesis Diane covered the medical care of women in the Pre-Roman Iron Age. From 1994 till 1997 she researched a Late Michelsberg complex in eastern Westphalia dating from 3700 till 3400 BC. Probably this unique site attests the before unknown transition to the Wartberg culture in northern Hesse and eastern Westphalia.

Science Communication
For almost 20 years Diane has been concerned with the subject area "science, the media, and the public" (science in the sense of: science and humanities). The editor works as lecturer at Tuebingen University and at Freiburg University, where she teaches science communication and writing skills. She is founder and head of the Euroscience workgroup "Science Communication" that has the purpose to share experiences and best practices in communicating topics from the “hard” sciences and humanities with non-experts and a broader audience. Diane regularly provides media training courses for academics who want to improve their media strategy and their interaction with journalists. She advises scientific organizations on their media relations. Her publications appear in learned journals and books.

In 1995 Diane founded the non-profit organization Courage Culture Care e. V., that is concerned with the ways how today's societies are dealing with the past. Till 1997 she worked as Courage's director, before she started working for SWR.

University of Tuebingen, prize for collegiate papers in the Studium Professionale (lecturer of the class) in the years 2010 and 2014.
Nomination Grimme Online Award TV for the website 2003

From 1990 till 1996 she studied prehistory, geology, and paleoanthropology in Tuebingen and did there her master's thesis. During her education at SWR, at the French-German Public Broadcaster ARTE and at the Swiss Public Broadcaster DRS Diane learned in 2001/2001, how broadcasting works.

German, English, French, Spanish. Qualifications in Latin and Classical Greek.
Basic skills in Polish and Italian.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement, Fachgruppe Medien
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte
European Association of Archaeologists
Euroscience Workgroup "Science Communication"
Netzwerk Recherche
Society for American Archaeology
World Archaeological Congress